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Our Environment

Whanaungatanga (Our staff)

Whanaungatanga is the Maori term for kinship, relationships or a sense of family connection.

As a boutique, locally owned and operated business friendships turn into life long relationships with staff working here at Hotel on Devonport.

We are a small team who is more like a small family, we have each others backs and we take care of our guests with the same passion.

Manaakitanga (Hospitality)

Manaakitanga is the Maori term for hospitality, kindness, generosity and care for others. At Hotel on Devonport we believe in this principle as a core value of our business. We are here to take care of our guests and ensure we provide each person with personalised service to makes them feel valued. We are established long term sponsors of Homes of Hope charity. Their mission is building our children together with community hope, a community which we are so proud to be a part of. With our Regular guests scheme (achieved after 10 reservation stays) we are happy to personalise our guests preferred room arrangements and personalised gifts for milestone stays. We’re pleased to be on a first name basis with a lot of our regular guests who become as much a part of our team as the staff themselves.

Kaitiakitanga (Environmental)

Kaitiakitanga is a Maori term that means guardianship of the land. With Hotel on Devonport located in the city centre of stunning Tauranga Moana we have a sense of pride and investment in keeping our environment pristine and continually improving our sustainability efforts for future generations to come.


Reducing waste has been a core value of the hotel owners since its conception, each day our housekeeping team will collect and residual hotel products which we regularly donate to the Tauranga Womens Refuge, Shakti Womens group, Iwi initiatives such as Kai Aroha and Huria Marae - He Rourou Aroha. Hotel towelling removed from stock are donated to various local charities, towelling which is unsuitable for donation are repurposed in to cleaning cloths reducing our waste output. As glass collection from homes and business was discontinued in March 2018 we proudly advocated for change continued to separate and recycle glass waste which is now a recognised practice in the Tauranga Council area.


By supporting local businesses and streamlining our suppliers we have reduced emissions via freight. With a walking score of 91 out of 100 Hotel on Devonport is a walkers paradise so park the car, reduce your emissions and enjoy the city and surrounding areas on foot. Flux E-bike specialists are 300 metres from the Hotel to hire an E-bike and take your adventures a little bit further. The local bus depot is located 450 metres from the Hotel to take advantage of travelling to Mount Maunganui and beyond saving emissions and your time by not searching for car parking at your next destination.

Primary Resources

All of our rooms have been fitted with double glazing windows which not only reduces external noise but also minimises the transfer of cold inside the room to keep you warmer. With thermal insulated curtains the heat is kept in also and decreasing the need for the heat pump and reducing electricity consumption. As a city of finite water resources we do our best to encourage our guests to make those little changes which can make a big difference. Instead of a full room service, opting to have the room consumables replaced therefore saving water on washing bedding and towelling daily. 

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